Project Summary

Client PTT Public Company Limited. Contractor Man Ferrostaal Industrieanlagen GmbH Duration 2005 – 2007   The Onshore Compressor Station #3 (OCS #3) Project is to be constructed as a local and remote Compressor Station adjacent to the third transmission pipeline onshore facilities. The compressor station is to be consisted on the following:

  • Inlet scrubbers with filters
  • Fuel gas treatment system
  • Gas turbine – Compressor Package
  • Gas cooler
  • Station Piping
  • Utility System and shelters

All of the above shall be equipped with instruments, control system and other equipment required for the local and remote control operation of the compressor station. Suction and discharge piping headers of the new compressor station shall be tied to the existing process block valve of 42” and 36”, respectively. Both block valves shall be above ground and isolated from the existing buried pipe headers using mono block type isolation joint. The electrical power supply of the station shall be taken from switchgear of 6.9 kV at a substation.

Challenges / Achievement:

This Project was identified as “Green Field”, but however, the location was very close to the existing facilities, hence “Brown Field” Work Conditions was applied. The period of execution from Site Preparation up to construction and commissioning was very limited (16.5 months).

Scope of work

  • Site Preparation and Civil Work
  • Control and other Building Works
  • Installation of 3 units of Gas Turbine Compressor, Inlet Scrubber, Gas Cooler, Flare
  • Fabrication & Installation of Steel Structure & Piping Work
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Work
  • Ties-in Work
  • Pre-commissioning and assist during Commissioning Work