We endeavor to achieve our five key targets of sustainability.


Innovation in construction technologies and processes brings Progress


Ensuring ethical standards & ensuring quality of working conditions – compensation, safety, equality is an investment in your People


Minimizing project’s ecological footprint and maximize positive impact on environment is an important measure for good Performance


Economic viability and compatibility and flexibility to adapt lead to long term Prosperity


High standards of construction quality and finish is a form of our cultural expression to create built environment as a beautiful Place.

Managing our company in a sustainable way also means taking responsibility for how work on each of our worksites affect the surrounding communities – our clients, our staff and workmen, our supply chain partners and all in vicinity and ensure they have safe and healthy environment. We recognize that an organization’s leaders have to be Sustainability Champions to create value and prosperity.

Quality, Health, Safety

& Environmental

We believe better “Quality” leads to better profitability, always whilst “Safety” is the utmost important factor in all our operations, both at offices and project sites. We believe in One Team IBCI: One Safety Vision: Zero Incident Worksite

We endeavor to exceed the quality standard requirements of Clients, Owners, Authorities and professional bodies. With the requisite certifications including ISO 9001: 2008, our goal is to deliver with highest standards of quality. We believe that quality is a way of life and our QA / QC team strives to adopt it as a culture. We own it as our social responsibility to perform with safety to ensure better lives for our stakeholders, our employees and their families, communities living within influence of our project and society as a whole. Our commitment is to achieve an incident free workplace though positive and collective behavioral change. We are proud to be internationally certified with OHSAS 18001 and dedicate to maintain our work with this or other standards that our clients stipulate. It is the policy of IBCI that all of our work activities shall be conducted in a manner which will safeguard the Quality of our products and services, the Health and Safety of all the personnel and preserves the natural Environment, as far as it is practicable. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) objectives shall bear equal importance with our fundamental business objectives. Our target is to achieve a “Zero Incident in Workplace” Every employee of IBCI is obligated to work safely, to cooperate and act responsibly in preventing injury to him / her and to others. It is the responsibility of the Management to review and continually improve on the QHSE Management System, businesses, services, organizational and employee’s performance through:

    • Co-operate and act responsibly among employees, clients and contractors in implementing best practice and working environment to prevent all incidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollutions.
    • Prevent damage to equipment, items, plant and property.
    • Promote QHSE awareness, program and provide training to IBCI employees to achieve our objectives.
    • Implement safe working system.
    • Meeting the needs of clients, shareholders, employees, surrounding community, applicable regulatory and statutory authorities’ requirements.
    • Committed to deliver services in a timely and efficient manner meeting clients expectations at all times.

Our Management believes that it is very important to convey the messages and influent safety habits through the initiation from the top management. In the early of 2018, Mr. Teerapn Ranwes conveyed the following messages to all employees in regards to the previous HSE Performance as follows:

Mr Teerapan Ranwes

Managing Director

I’d like to thank you for all hardworking that all employees had performed in 2017.

“It is another great year that IBC Industrial Co., Ltd. had contributed to the industry in Thailand. Although our company has delivered quality product and services to our clients in a timely manner, we should performed better in all aspects including Health Safety and Environment. As far as Health Safety and Environment is concern in the construction industry, I would like everyone to perform the work in a safe manner, and there shall not be any reason to obstruct safe work environment no matter how. On whatever cost to pushing up our safe work standard, it is always worth investment for any company workforce to be back home safely everyone and every day.

In 2018, we will continue promoting safety culture through the corporate and project HSE Team. As usual, we put our target of ZERO ACCIDENT and we will take any necessary means to mitigate construction risk in order to achieve our goal. Lastly, I would like all of us to create safe work environment, and this shall be taken as a continual process as we believe the improvement can always be done.   Thank you very much.”


Corporate Social


IBCI ensure to conduct our business in a way that is ethical and to contribute as much as we could to the society. We gather our people to jointly give back to the society through various means and activities. For instance, 35 employees from IBCI joined a volunteering community in a Reforestation Project, participating in tree planting activities in the Mangrove Forest. We believe in keeping our country thus the world as green as possible. Using our own drilling equipment and people, we were engaged in a couple of remote villages where their sanitation facilities were poor by drilling and restoring wells in order to provide a clean and up-to-standard water purification system to the locals. During these activities, we also conducted a short session to educate the locals on the importance of basic hygiene and sanitation in their daily lives. We are very well aware that during festivals in Thailand such as Songkran Day, the accident occurrence rate and traffic condition is quite hectic. We donate our safety tools such as Traffic Cones and Signs and Safety Jackets to the local officers to facilitate their works. We believes that every little helps. We strive to continually give back to the society in various possible ways, making the world a better place. Recently, during a severe flooding in Bangtan, Thailand, IBCI’s crew with PTT from the Fifth Transmission Pipeline Project Phase II donated dry food and water at the affected areas.



Our culture is very unique in its own way, once you enter our worksites and head office, you would experience a warm and a cozy working environment, full of energetic spirit and positive attitudes in each family member.