Project Summary

After the completion of a new PTT Riser Platform (PRP) in the Gulf of Thailand, a new 42” gas transmission pipeline is to be operated for the delivery of gas gathered from a number of offshore fields to PTT Gas Separation Plant in Rayong Due to a rapid development of PTTEP Arthit field plus (both A-18 and B-17) and a Joint Development Area (JDA) between Malaysia and Thailand, three units of a new PCS Turbine/Compressors with pertinent facilities are inevitably required on the PTT Riser Platform (PRP), in order to meet up with the increasing capacity in a delivery of substantial gas volume. Major equipment required for the PRP Project is PCS Gas Turbine/ Compressor, After-coolers and PCF Turbine Generator. The required flow-rate for Gas Compressor through the transmission of a 42” Gas Pipeline is at about 1,900 MMscfd, while the inlet pressure from PRP is to be maintained at 2,1000 psig. The incoming gas sources from Arthit and JDA shall be regulated at 1,100 psig. Two Compressors units with a 50{33f923b8ff9540e4183861a30b21df320c98e68fc8adb15cd9f5134447039770} capacity are to handle the flow of 1,900 MMscfd, whereas the third compressor is for stand-by purpose only. A gas turbine is used to drive each compressor units, where the margin is at an adequate level at site conditions to meet the compression duty. The speed of gas turbine shall be varied according to the flow and discharge pressure required.

Phase 1

Client PTT Public Company Limited (With Direct Payment Arrangement to IBCI). Duration 2016 – 2017

Key Challenges

This Project was indeed considered as one of the most challenging Project we have undertaken, mainly due to both its offshore and a live-plant working conditions. Thereby, a limited working area was applied. Another key challenge we have overcome was to obtain a Work Permit through Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Limited (Platform’s Owner) and PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (Project’s Owner) Systems. Also, it was mandatory throughout the project execution to perform work under ESD (Emergency Shut Down) Monitoring System. The Commissioning Phase of the Project was considered as one of our accomplishment for this Project in assisting Owner’s Operation team in operating 2 out of 3 units on the Platform, continuously for a period of 60 days.

Scope of Work

  • Receipt, loading, transportation and storage of PCS Package / 3 Nos. Compressor until final load out and sea fastening
  • Installation and assembly of PCS Package
  • Fabrication and assembly of 3 Nos. Gas Turbine Compressor Modules
  • Fabrication and assembly of Air Coolers / Air cooler Modules
  • Installation of Inst. / Utility (I/U) Compressor Package
  • Receipt of Gas Turbine Generator (GTG)
  • Modification of Deck, Platforms and other supporting structural steel
  • Piping Fabrication, Tie-in Spools Prefabrication and Temporary spools
  • Installation of E&I work
  • Testing, Loop Check ,Pre-Commissioning, Chemical Cleaning, Preservation and Initial Fill until final load out
  • Sea Fastening and Load out including Heavy Lifting and Transportation of 2,600 Tons Module
  • Supply of manpower, tools & equipment, scaffolding, and supply vessel

Phase 2

Client PTT Public Company Limited Contractor Punj Llyod Group JV Contract Value $30M Duration 2010 – 2014 Hookup, commissioning and Single Unit Test & Couple Unit Test of the following major component part of Platform Compression Facility

  • 3 Nos. Gas Turbine Compressor Unit (GTC)
  • 1 No. Turbine Generator Unit (GTG)
  • 8 Nos. After Cooler Units
  • 1 Nos. Seal Gas Booster Skid – PTT Supplied
  • 2 (3rd and 4th) Nos. I/U Air Compressor
  • Associated structural modifications
  • Interconnecting piping
  • Instrument and Electrical Installation & Modifications