Project Summary

Client: PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited.

Contractor: SK Engineering & Construction Company Limited (SKEC)
Project Start Date: May 2018
Scheduled Completion Date: March 2021 (Mechanical Completion)


PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited and partners has set up a joint venture company in Thailand to build, own and operate Polyols Plant. This Plant will be built in the area where it used to be Multi-Purpose Reactor Plant (MRP) in Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate, Map Ta Phut, Rayong Province, Thailand. The Polyols Plant has been designed to produce 130,000 Tons of Polyether Polyols per Year, 30,000 Tons of Polymer Polyols per Year and 20,000 Tons of Premix per year.

Scope of work

IBCI has been awarded a Subcontract Agreement from SKEC as an EPC Contractor for a complete Scope in ISBL Facilities and Building Scope of the OSBL facilities.

ISBL Work Unit

OSBL Work Unit (Building Only)

  • PPG Building
  • PPG : Polyether Polyols Process (130,000 Ton/year)
  • POP & PM Building
  • POP : Polymer Polyols Process (30,000 Ton/year)
  • PM : Premix Process (20,000 Ton/year)
  • Tank Area (In / Out)
  • Truck Unloading
  • Utility
  • Substation
  • Warehouse / Maintenance Building
  • Security Office Building