Provincial Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

Project Summary

Client PTT Public Company Limited. Contractor Sinopec – TRC Joint Venture Duration 2014 – 2017 The Provincial Gas Transmission Pipeline Project to Nakhon Ratchasima (PTP-NM) has been initiated by PTT Public Company Limited to meet the growing demands of consumers for natural has in Central and North Easter Thailand. The pipeline is approximately 120 km in length, starting from The Fifth Block Valve Station (WK#5) of the Wang Noi – Kaeng Khoi Transmission Pipeline in Saraburi Province and ending at a new facility station in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The route is along Highway 2 (Mittraphab Road) through mountainous and rocky terrain, which are two of the main difficult challenged we encountered and overcome in this Project. Facilities of The Provincial Gas Transmission Pipeline Project to Nakhon Ratchasima (PTP-NM) consist of the following:

  • 120 km of NPS 28 main transmission pipeline to transport 320 MMSCFD of gas to Nakhon Ratchasima Province
  • Tie-in Facilities to the WN-KK Pipeline and install pig launcher at the existing WK#5 Block Valve Station
  • 6 of intermediate Block Valve Stations
  • End Station with Receiver
  • SCADA and Tele-Communication and UHF radio system to support all new facilities installed
  • Cathodic Protection and AC/DC Mitigation System for pipelines and facilities including provision for mitigating effects from the voltage power lines, third party CP systems and lighting

Key Challenge

The main challenge encountered during this Project was to maintain a contented Community Relation throughout the Project Period in accordance to Owner’s Specification. This includes provision of Community Relation Management Plan, CR resources and all other relevant activities. Since the work was performed along the Highway route, a limited working area was applied. Furthermore, the work has to be performed within the scheduled timeline set while managing the unforeseen traffic events along the route. The route was consisted of various mountainous and rocky terrains, hence underground blasting was required from time to time. It was a challenge for us to perform Open Cut Work through rock terrain area and dense sand ground. Moreover, Boring work were also performed though layers of rock limestone.

Scope of Work

  • Civil work for open cut, boring and supporting on HDD preparation work
  • Local Permit and CSR work
  • Bedding and Padding work
  • Pipe Stringing and Lowering-in work
  • Backfill including installation of FOC Duct
  • Re-installment Work
  • Tie-in work
  • Pre-commissioning and assist during commissioning